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Throughout Europe, large numbers of Roma children are segregated in ghetto schools, separate classes and even special schools for students with intellectual disabilities. Separate is, as always, also unequal: These schools offer very poor quality education in appalling conditions. Teachers there are ill prepared and unmotivated. The curriculum  is  “dumbed down." Windows and basic furniture are often broken, and handbooks or chalk are hard to come by.

Activists have mobilized to address the issue by mobilizing the international community and bringing landmark court cases. In 2007, Europe’s highest human rights court issued the first judgment on the issue, condemning the Czech Republic for systematically segregating Roma children in special schools for children with intellectual disabilities. Two similar cases, one involving Greece and the other involving Croatia, have been brought since. The Decade of Roma Inclusion, a commitment by 12 European governments modeled largely on the UN Millennium Development Goals, and a new European strategy for Roma inclusion have placed education at their heart. But change is slow, and needs to happen locally, school by school and teacher by teacher.


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