Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reel Education Reisdency

Reel Education is an initiative of Working Films, a pioneering organization that brings together documentary films on a mission with community organizers and activism. By bringing together several film projects centered on the same theme, Reel Education took a page from the Chicken and Egg playbook for gaining traction and reaching critical mass on specific issues. Our School joined projects like Mariachi High, Shakespeare High, Brooklyn Castle, To Be Heard, Speaking in Tongues and An American Promise in a week-long residency in upstate New York aimed at developing seeding collaboration, mapping out campaign plans, and developing strategies for approaching educators and activists in the US. The little productive, fun, and snowy camp upstate was capped by a pitching session at the 52nd Street Project in New York City, where the projects were presented before a large audience of stakeholders - educators, unions, advocacy groups, teacher training institutions, etc. We're looking forward to collaborating with them, as well as with our fellow filmmakers who are part of Reel Education in the coming months and years.