Friday, August 26, 2011

Our School at EDIF Fest in Seoul

Shot of our title screen in Seoul. Photo credit: Mona Nicoara (c) Sat Mic Film, LLC

We spent a few days a the EBS International Documentary Festival in Seoul, South Korea. We went there unsure of what to expect and quite curious about how Korean audiences will react to a story for which they may not have any context. 

Well, they may not have any experience with Roma or segregation - but they sure had plenty of background information and interest in the issue. We had two screenings, followed by some of the longest and most complex Q&As we've ever had. Korean audiences surely know how to ask the most interesting, bluntest questions! It certainly helped turn the event into a genuine opportunity to explore the reasons and intricacies behind making a longitudinal project like Our School, and we are very grateful for that opportunity. The EIDF blog has a lovely-looking Korean-language summary of one of our Q&As here.

We're also extremely happy that so many teachers showed up for our screenings, and even wrote about the film on their blogs. This is a function of EBS adding a new section to the festival, dedicated exclusively to education. It is a brilliant idea, if we may say so ourselves - and it clearly feeds into both an existing audience and EBS's core mission as a public broadcaster.