Monday, October 31, 2011

Our School is the Opening Film of the Verzio Festival in Budapest

We are thrilled to announce that Our School will be opening the 8th Verzio International Human Rights Documentary Festival in Budapest, Hungary. It's not just a fantastic honor, but also a homecoming of sorts: Some of us used to live in Budapest while shooting the film, have many friends in the Roma rights movement there, and attended every edition of Verzio while we were there. The line-up was always outstanding.

The opening night screening will take place on November 8 - on the same day as the “National Roma Integration Strategies: Ensuring a Comprehensive and Effective European Approach” takes place in the European Parliament in Brussels as part of a process for developing EU-wide Roma integration policies. The 7 pm screening at the Toldi cinema in Budapest will be followed by a discussion moderated by the Chair of the Roma Education Fund. We will have a second screening there on Friday, November 11, at 6 pm, followed by a panel with Budapest-based Roma rights activists. 

We are very much looking forward to this!