Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring Festival Update

Springtime in Targu Lapus. Photo credit: Ovidiu Marginean (c) Sat Mic Film, LLC
We thought that the spring festival season would be slower, one year after our premiere. But it's even busier than the fall - 15 festivals and counting. Here is the first batch confirmed for Spring 2012: 

One World Romania, March 13-18, Bucharest, Romania
Cape Winelands Film Festival, March 14-24, Cape Town, South Africa
Movies That Matter Film Festival, March 22-29, the Hague, Netherlands
Latcho Divano, March 23-April 18, Marseilles, France
Sebastopol Documentary Festival, March 30-April 1, Sebastopol, CA, USA
Films de Femmes, March 30-April 8, Creteil, France
Diversite, April 10-24, Franche-Comte, France
Stimmen der Roma, April 19- May 22, Munich, Germany 
Romanian Film Festival. April 25-30, Stanford, CA, USA
Council on Foundations Film and Video Festival, April 29-May 1, Los Angeles, CA, USA
Neisse FilmFestival, May 2-6, Germany
Romanian Film Days, May 4-6. Stockholm. Sweden 
Cronograf, May 10-15, Chisinau, Moldova
One World Brussels, May 14-23, Brussels, Belgium
Human Rights Arts and Film Festival, May 16-June 16, Australia

Thrilled to be in these great events - as well as in series screenings at the UCLA Film and Television Archive, the Sattya Arts Collective in Nepal, MIT, and others. We will update and expand this list in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on the UPCOMING SCREENINGS tab on the right side of the screen for specific times and places, as well as for miscellaneous other screenings outside the festival circuit.